Why you need to take this Texas Alcohol and Beverage Class and is it necessary?

In short, yes but if your like the majority of adults you probably don’t want to take your seller/server training. You’ve probably put it off for weeks, maybe months but, alas, here we all are.

At ComedyTABC we get that, which is why we have tried to make this class as painless, informative, funny, and more over a truly life changing experience (*subjects may disagree on that one). Once its all said and over, after a magnificent 2 hours, you will be officially official with a certificate to prove it.

So why do you need this?

  • The State of Texas requires it, sorry, not our rule
  • We don’t want you to get sued. Thats right, with out proper certification you are walking a tight rope. A tight rope that is on fire while carrying a baby giraffe who’s mom is chasing you. It is necessary to know your alcohol laws; when someone is over served, underage or under the influence of drugs. If any of these are the case, it is your responsibility to NOT serve them. BUT don’t take our word for it…
    • 2012 Houston area bar ordered to pay 1,000,000 for wrong way car crash
    • 2013 Austin area restaurant facing two separate over serving charges and over 100,000 in damages to victims
    • 2017 Plano bar being charged with over serving man who later shoot 8 people (case still pending)

Yes, all of that is absolutely terrifying but we promise our course wasn’t designed to scare you. We went everyone to walk away more informed, ready for the job, and hopefully with sore abs from all the belly laughs.

Now lets go get certified