Corporate TABC Training

TABC Certification – Corporate Training

Studies have proven that when humor is added to educational content, people retain the information better.

For over 30 years we have taken great pride in being the originators of teaching in an entertaining format.

This online seller/server training course teaches your employees to take their actions seriously and the potential consequences if they do not.

Benefits of training with Comedy TABC

Real-World Training Techniques

Employees learn information to protect themselves and employers

Higher Retention Level

Humor + educational content = enhanced retention

Trusted By Major Corporations

We have years of experience training Fortune 500 Companies

Employer Bulk Pricing

Bulk pricing is available for online training courses for multiple employees

Official TABC State Certificates – Download or Print When Done

Official TABC Certificates, valid for 2 years, longest allowed by Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission.

Wallet sized certificates, so you can keep your certificate on you in a more convenient fashion.

Certificates are transmitted to TABC, so employers can check and verify TABC status of employees.