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“I asked the waiter, ‘Is this milk fresh?’ He said, ‘Lady, three hours ago it was grass.’”

Phyllis Diller, Comedian

Who We Are

After years of providing classroom courses for TABC certification we took the time to look at our competitor’s courses online. We were shocked with the boring courses, the lack of technology and the enormous amount of text on those TABC online classes. We put our collective comedy brains together and produced a course based on a storyline, just like a movie or TV series. By doing this we were able to present a story, with compelling characters and educational situations. This new way of educating with entertainment has been proven to generate great results in the learning process of the student and that is the reason why all of our courses have been so successful.

Besides writing a great story called “Spirits of the Night”, we knew we needed more than just a good story, so we worked with some of the best 2D animators in the state of TX to bring cartoon style animations to our TABC course.

The Story

Larry is a seller / server of alcohol at the Spirits of the Night Comedy Club. He thinks he’s doing a great job making a lot of money in tips without caring about his customers. He brags about being the best server just because all his customers end up drunk and happy. It is because of Larry’s irresponsible behavior that he will get a great surprise at the end of the night and there’s no one that can help him this time.

It’s now in the hands of Norm, Phil, Arial and Jennifer to explain what a responsible seller / server of alcohol should be and prevent a disaster that can cause all of their jobs to go down the toilet.