Bars are Back Open to 25% in TX (The New Coronavirus Rules Explained)

Bars are back open in Texas!

We are just as excited as everyone else that life is slowly starting to get back to normal but we also want to make sure everyone is staying safe and abiding by the new rules. TABC will still be checking up on local bars and restaurants. As of now Bars are not yet allowed to operate fully, so let us quickly go over the new rules.

What are the new requirements for bars, wineries and restaurants to open

Bars and wineries may begin opening Friday May 22nd with 25% capacity. As we explained in our last blog, 25% means your entire capacity. If your capacity listed is 100 people and you have 5 employees working, you may only allow 20 people at a time to enter. TABC will still be regularly checking up on all bars, wineries and restaurants. Failure to comply with these new rules could result in a fine or a loss of license. We know, we want things to open up to capacity too but it is not worth the risk. Not only with TABC be checking in regularly but if you are not following the rules patrons can complain about your establishment which again can lead to a fine. If you receive to many complaints they will unfortunately have the right to take your license away.

8 Quick tips on keeping your bar safe

We all want to be safe during this whether we are a bartender or the door guy. Keep your bar safe by following these simple tips while we slowly start to open up.
1. Don’t let people wait inside for a table! Everyone must wait outside if the establishment is at capacity.

2. If a line begins to form try to make sure people are spread 6ft apart as they wait to enter the establishment.

3. Spread tables further apart. This shouldn’t be a problem since we are allowed 25% capacity.

4. Do not let people gather to close around the bar. Gone are the days where we would all crowd around the bar to order a drink. Make sure people are spread evenly through out the bar and not crowding behind one another.

5. All employees must wash hands! We know this is an obvious one but it is also the most necessary.

6. Wear masks and gloves. If you are working in the service industry you are coming in contact with too many people not to wear a mask. This will make you customers feel much more comfortable.

7. Remind all employees to limit contact with customers. Continue to be friendly but limit your interactions to as little as possible to keep your self safe.

8.Check in with all your employees regularly about how their health is. If anyone is feeling slightly under the weather they must stay home! One sick employee can equal all sick employees and all sick customers. Don’t take the chance.

Restaurants can now open up to 50% and we still have alcohol to go!

Restaurants can now have 50% capacity! This is good new for all of us in the service industry who have been struggling. With that said, it is still important that we social distance and keep our restaurants safe so we can being opening even more.
One great positive out of all of this is we still have alcohol to go in Texas. Governor Abbott announced that this will continue to be legal. He did not state for how long but we are hoping it can stay indiffenoitly. Abbot was quoted as saying “From what I hear from Texans, we may just let his keep going on forever.” Currently legislations is set to be held on January 1st 2021. They will vote is alcohol to go will continue to be legal then but in the mean time, we have the rest of the year!
Alcohol to go has greatly helped restaurant sales which was much needed during the pandemic. Other states are also taking Texas lead and allowing restaurants to sell cocktails to go. Recently California announced that will consider allowing outdoor bars to help bar/restaurant sales. We are all for the continuation of alcohol to go sales as we think it, increases revenue and has the possibility of decreasing drunk driving incidents.

Make sure your TABC is up to date when going back to work or applying for jobs

With Bars, wineries and restaurants getting close to back to normal they (hopefully) will be looking to hire. Make sure you are TABC certified. It is also important to make sure your TABC is up to date. They do expire, so check your card to see if you are in need of another class.
To sign up for TABC just head to and begin your registration. Its fast, easy and will provide some laughs!

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