Restaurants in Corona 2020. The new rules

Restaurants navigating through post lockdown

  Restaurants in corona 2020, a whole new battle. The rules during Corona 2020 are going to be changing frequently as we all navigate through this crazy time so we are going to try to keep are service industry friends as updated as possible. Now that quarantine is slowly being taken away in the state of Texas we wanted to go over some friendly tips on how to keep yourself safe while still serving drinks. Restaurants can now be open at 25% capacity, this is great news if you are in the service industry. It can also be scary news if you are in the service industry and worried about keeping your self and others around you safe.

Tips on serving drinks and keeping safe

  •   We asked several of our friends in the service industry what their best tips on keeping safe are and these were our most common answers
  • Wear gloves while serving. Even with gloves remember to try not too touch your face or eyes
  • Sanitize! Have your work set up sanitizing stations and do so through out your shift.
  • Keep your distance while taking orders.
  • At all times that you are not talking to a customer wear a mask.
  • wash hands/gloves, or replace gloves in between serving drinks.
  • Immediately when you arrive home take your clothing and put it into the washer
  • if you do not feel well do not come in!
  • If you don’t feel well, don’t serve!
  That last note is the most common thing we have heard said and probably the most important. If you are experiencing any symptoms do not come into work. If you do, you risk infecting not only your work colleagues but your customers and all of their college. We know it isn’t easy to stay home but for the sake of your restaurant, this one is important!

What are the new restaurant in corona restrictions?

  Restaurants in corona  2020 rules. Establishments must stay at 25% capacity. It is important to remember that staff is also included in the 25%. Capacity is how many people your building can safely hold. There should always be a visible sign hanging in the establishment that states what the capacity is.
  For example: our establishments capacity is 100 people. 25% equals 25 people. We have 4 employees currently working. This means we can only allow 19 customers at a time. All other customers waiting on tables must wait outside the establishment before they can be seated.

What happens if restaurants don’t follow the new restrictions?

All restaurants that do not follow these guidelines will be fined 1,000 or face 180 days in jail. You also risk losing your license. If you have read our blog on how to receive a license in the state of Texas, you know this in not one to be messed with. You do not want to risk losing your license!
  On top of this employers must be careful not to endanger their employees. Restaurants during corona must take every precaution. As the employer, you need to make a safe work environment. In a time of corona this includes following all new rules set into place. If you are knowingly breaking the law (have more the 25% capacity at your establishment), you are consider to be putting your employees at risk. Which means, if they do catch the corona virus you can be held responsible because you were not following the current protocol and putting your employees in danger. In short, just follow the rules!
 If you are an employee and you do not feel your restaurant is following guidelines. Contact your local authority. This can be done anonymously so that you won’t endanger your job. I you see something inappropriate don’t be afraid to tell someone.

Is it safe to go back to my job as waiter/waitress/bartender?

This is a question we have received a lot. Unfortunately their is no universal answer. If you are immune comprised we will suggest continuing to self isolate. If you are not immune comprised, not sick, and trust your employer to keep your working conditions safe, than yes.

Going back to a job where waiters/waitress/bartenders are meant to be social can be difficult. Make sure and follow all of the above tips to stay safe. Keep socializing down but use body language and a smile (if you aren’t wearing a mask) to let your customers know you are happy they are here and safe.

One of our favorite bartenders suggest writing notes on bills, napkins to keep things fun at your restaurant. We are all experiencing this for the first time so it never hurts to try to lighten someones day.


Stay safe and happy serving