2021 TABC course

2021 TABC course, start your year off the right way! In other words, lot has changed this past year. Especially, if you work in the service industry. Needless to say, the service industry has been hit by shut downs, new capacity laws, and the constant need to sanitize everything! The best way to stay on top off everything is to make sure you are up to date on all Of your TABC certification. We break down why our comedy TABC course is one of the best.

Are you up to date on your 2021 TABC course?

As you may already know, Texas Alcohol and Beverage Course’s are mandatory in the state of TEXAS. If you have already taken a course, your certification is valid for 2 YEARS. This is a good thing to remember! Above all, you don’t want to be caught working in a restaurant or bar without a valid TABC certification.
Don’t forget to renew your certification! Consequently, if you you do not have a valid cert you can be held responsible for a number of things. This can cause a huge amount of legal trouble and fines. Don’t risk it!

Our Comedy TABC course is constantly updated

WE can all agree 2020 was a really strange year. For instance, new laws were amended into the Texas alcohol and beverage commission. Therefore, our course has been updated as well. We keep our course constantly updated! ComedyTABC.com Students who take our course can be guaranteed that all laws are up to date and current.
In addition to keeping our content updated, we keep it funny! A team of professional comedians write our entire course to make sure customers aren’t bored! As a result, we have found the best way to learn is to laugh.

How do I get started on my 2021 TABC course?

Firstly, if you have taken a course previously, check to see if you are in need of a renewal. Head to the official TABC website to see if your renewal is needed. Once you have done this and need to take a course OR you are taking it for the first time.. Sign up here
Secondly, sign up at the above link to begin your certification process. The course is only 2 hours long and will keep you laughing the entire time. ComedyTABC purpose is to educate and humor you into being the best seller/server possible.
Lastly, print out your cert, the best and most easy part of the whole process!

In conclusion, stay safe out there and serve with confidence.
Comedy tabc 2021