Why Your Staff Should be TABC Trained and Certified

If you sell alcohol in the Lone Star State or work at an establishment that does, you need to be protected. That protection comes in the form of Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission (TABC) Certification. You get the certification when you complete an (alcohol) seller training

You’ll want to choose Comedy TABC – Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission to do your approved TABC seller training with. As our name suggests, we add some comedy upfront to make the ‘medicine’ of ‘learning stuff’ go down a little bit better. Our experience has taught us that when humor is combined with educational content, information is retained a lot better.

But hold up, what am I learning to be protected from? We are part of a state-wide drive to make Texas serving safe. That means that if an incident goes down at a restaurant, pub, or club that serves alcohol, the venue, and its staff are not held liable.

That ‘incident’ could be serving alcohol to a minor with a fake ID. That ‘incident’ could be serving alcohol to someone who is already intoxicated and then gets behind the wheel of a car upon leaving your establishment, causing an accident. When incidents become accidents, the whole state of Texas suffers.

There’s a reason Texas is called the Friendship State. It’s because we look after each other. Comedy TABC – Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission wants to play its part in keeping Texas serving safe by helping businesses involved in the sale of alcohol have safe trained staff on hand at all times. The approved TABC seller training involves:

How best to protect yourself from liability
Avoiding second-party sales
Checking for fake IDs
Knowing when to refuse a sale
What alcohol does to your body
How to prevent your customers from becoming overly intoxicated

Comedy TABC – Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission proudly offers an approved TABC seller training certification course to all sellers and servers of alcohol in the state of Texas. As explained in the course, understanding local laws will help alcohol servers develop the necessary techniques to remain in compliance with those laws.

‘Prevention is better than cure’ as we aim to curb the number of alcohol-related crimes and together contribute to being responsible members of the Texas community. More knowledgeable employees are naturally more responsible. Insurance companies are also behind this initiative and are offering businesses that complete their approved TABC seller training lower insurance rates.

And while Comedy TABC – Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission aren’t the only ones offering approved TABC seller training, we are the best when it comes to ensuring that your safe trained staff will keep Texas serving safe.

We believe that education around how to sell and serve alcohol in a socially responsible way isn’t just about the learning of facts. It’s about training the mind to think. And we get you thinking by making you laugh.

Seller training certification is valid for two years. Over that time, you will reap the reward of the investment of having safe trained staff – both for your business and as a citizen of the great State of Texas.