Convenience and Ease of Obtaining TABC Certification Online

‘Alcohol to go’ is the new catchphrase that’s caught on like wildfire in the great State of Texas. What that doesn’t mean, though, is ‘alcohol to go crazy’. If you’re a business owner or employee involved in the sale and serving of alcohol, then you still need Texas Online Alcohol certifications.


The fastest, most convenient way to get your Texas Online Alcohol certifications is with the sharpest shooting funny guys in town – Comedy Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission. We shoot from the hip as we show you why you need Texas serving certificates – and fast!


The Lone Star State is doing all that it can to keep restaurant and alcohol businesses alive in 2021 and beyond. The pandemic has caused job loss and uncertainty. Liquor liability is still very much a concern, especially with the new ‘alcohol to go’ legislation. The chances are higher than ever that you can violate local liquor laws and put the business where you work (or own) at risk.


Liquor license suspension? Ain’t nobody got time for that! The convenience and ease of obtaining your TABC online certification with Comedy TABC will take all the worries of alcohol awareness training away.


Our motto is “FAST, FUN, & DONE.” If you’re a bouncer, bartender, waiter, or waitress, odds are you work long hours already and need the most suitable way to ensure your Texas serving certificates are up to date. Remember, they expire every two years.


TABC Online certification is easy with Comedy TABC. Once you’ve completed the course – which you can do at home and whenever it suits you – you will receive an official certificate that you can download and print. It’s also wallet-sized so that you can have it on hand for when you’re applying for a new job or while you are working.


We also take care of the hassle of transferring your certificate into TABC for you to register with them. We’ve got an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and we are so confident in our Texas Online Alcohol certifications course that we offer you a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the course.


Learn how to become a responsible Texan by understanding all there is to know about spotting a Fake ID or if someone is already too drunk and shouldn’t be served any more alcohol. There’s also an interesting history of liquor liability laws that originates from the Dram Shop Law that you will get to learn about too.


Our Comedy TABC Online approved course has no hidden fees and costs only $9.99. It’s mobile-friendly and self-paced – so you can learn in between shifts or other things that you may have to do.


Call #649-735 or hit us up here to register online. Help keep Texas alive and kicking and our country as safe as possible by choosing the fastest, funniest Texas Online Alcohol certifications company around – Comedy TABC!