5 Reasons TABC Courses are Essential

Picture the scenario: You’re working behind the bar at a restaurant or club in Texas. A customer offers you shots. Undercover TABC officers are there to witness you breaking the law – yes, it’s illegal to drink ‘on the job’ while you’re working serving alcohol – and now you and your establishment are in big trouble. Ouch!


Since the turn of the millennium in the Lonestar State, anyone who sells, serves or delivers alcoholic beverages (including persons who immediately manage, direct, supervise or control the sale or service of alcoholic beverages) must be TABC Certified. That’s where TABC courses come into play.  


TABC stands for The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. And yes, they do have undercover agents. They are a public agency responsible for regulating, inspecting, and taxing the state’s production, sale, and use of alcoholic beverages.


They’re based in Austin; they’ve been around since 1935 – and they don’t mess around. Its mission is to serve the people of Texas and protect public health and safety through consistent, fair, and timely administration of the Alcoholic Beverage Code.


So if you’re involved in the sale of alcohol in the great state of Texas – and you want to stay on the right side of TABC and the law, here are five reasons why taking a TABC course is essential:


1) It’s (practically) the law. It bears repeating, but it’s true. TABC courses and the resultant TABC certification effectively offer you something called ‘safe harbor’ from prosecution in the event of something going wrong due to alcohol being served at your venue.


Underage drinking that leads to a road accident would be an example of how liability extends to the venue and staff where alcohol is sold. This is because of ‘dram shop’ law which applies in Texas. The venue can get sued, the person serving the alcohol can get sued, and things can turn ugly fast. TABC certification also prevents you from getting fined for non-compliance.


2) You’re in the hospitality business. Taking care of customers is literally your business. You want to see them have a good time at your club or restaurant – and you also want to see them get home safely and come visit you again. Alcohol safe serving keeps Texas safe. TABC courses are there to help you ‘do the right thing’ – and that’s beyond just ensuring that the customer has a great time.


3) Seller server certification will help your career. Most job interviews will require you to present your TABC certification upfront. TABC certification shows that you’ve been able to apply yourself with the online study and pass the course, and you know, for example, whether or not a minor can sit at a bar in Texas.


Alcohol safer server training brings you up to speed on all the state-wide rules, regardless of the particular establishment you’re working at. So you’ll be imminently more ‘hireable’ with TABC certification wherever you go. And the answer is ‘yes’ – a minor can sit at a bar, provided a legal guardian accompanies them. It’s empowering to understand the ‘ins and outs’ of the law. It makes for responsible citizens who know exactly how to act in a compromised situation involving alcohol.


4) Reduced insurance costs. Protect yourself as the venue owner, or even just protect your boss as a bar person. Insurance companies are on board to reduce the premiums of TABC certified businesses. They recognize the enormous social benefits of having venues be alcohol-safe serving certified. And so they incentivize everybody getting above board, as they know it’s going to cost them less in the long run when they have to pay out for nasty alcohol-related accidents.


5) Reduced risk. You don’t want to risk your reputation – business or personal. You don’t want to get fined either. And you sure don’t want to get sued or face criminal charges. Having up-to-date TABC certification takes all those worries away. It’s like driving around town with a licensed vehicle.


You’re up to date with the law and so you know how to act in any given situation. Is a customer slurring their words? No problem. There’s a protocol to follow. Does a person look like they’ve got a fake ID? No worries – TABC certification shows you what to look out for.


Comedy TABC isn’t essential. There are lots of TABC courses. But we are essentially the best. We’re TABC approved. Our course only costs $9.99. You can take it online and so complete it at your own pace on your phone, it’s fun, and we offer a free and instant certificate download on completion of the course.


If you weren’t counting, that’s another five great reasons to choose Comedy TABC for your TABC certification from all the TABC courses out there. With us, it’s all about Serious Stuff Done Fun!