Why getting a TABC certification can keep you from getting SUED

If you’re working in the food and beverage industry in Texas, it’s crucial to get TABC certified as soon as possible. Why is this necessary? Texas has very strict dram shop laws! These laws hold servers and bartenders liable while serving alcohol. If service is done improperly it can result in the loss of your job, fines and even worse, lawsuits. We explain further on Dram Shop Laws and getting your TABC certification.

What are Dram Shop Lawsbeer and liquor

Dram shop laws hold establishments and servers responsible for serving alcohol to individuals who are visibly intoxicated or under the legal drinking age. These laws aim to reduce alcohol-related accidents and injuries by placing responsibility on those who serve alcohol.

The urgency around getting TABC certified is evident when considering the consequences of violating these laws. For example, if a bartender serves an individual who is visibly intoxicated and that individual goes on to cause a car accident, the bartender could be held responsible and sued for damages. In fact, in some cases, the establishment that employs the bartender could also be held accountable.

Additionally, if a bartender serves a minor who causes an accident, the bartender can be held responsible and face legal consequences. This is why it’s critical to understand Texas’s dram shop laws and receive proper TABC certification before serving alcohol in the state of Texas.

How to get your TABC certification

A TABC course will cover everything you need to know about responsible alcohol service including:

  • How to identify and prevent underage drinking.
  • How to recognize signs of intoxication.
  • How to handle difficult situations.
  • A course will include quizzes and scenarios to help you retain material better.

Fortunately, getting TABC certified is easy and convenient. You can get your certification done online in just a couple easy steps by clicking HERE. Comedy TABC is an online state-certified and accredited business that has been providing certification courses for over 35 years!

Comedy TABCMoreover, Comedy TABC’s online course is entirely mobile-friendly. This means you can take it at your own convenience. You can also pause and resume the course whenever you need to, making it easy to fit it into your busy schedule.

In conclusion, getting TABC certified is crucial for anyone working in the food and beverage industry in Texas. Texas’s dram shop laws are strict. Servers and bartenders can face legal consequences if they violate them. However, getting certified is easy and convenient. Comedy TABC’s online course is engaging, affordable, and designed to help you pass the exam and understand responsible alcohol service. Don’t wait! Sign up for your online course today. Get certified quickly and easily with ComedyTABC.com.

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