Dram shop law

Dram shop law, what is it and how does it effect those in the service industry? You may have heard the news that a bartender in the Galveston area is being held accountable for serving a patron who later killed 4 people in a drunk driving accident. You may be wondering, why is the bartender … Read more

Don’t Over-Serve In Texas – Just Bad Business

The great state of Texas is doing its best to keep its alcohol-related business open since the pandemic with alcohol to-go legislation and a resilient community that is championing the cause of free enterprise.    Lawsuits for restaurants and bars still remain an imminent threat. It remains more necessary than ever to protect your business … Read more

Weird Texas Laws You Didn’t Know Existed Part II

Weird Texas laws you didn’t know existed continued! We previously wrote about Texas’s old  Blue Laws and how they are still partially in place today. If you don’t remember or didn’t read it, they explain why we can’t buy cars or liquor on a Sunday. But Texas has many many more weird laws that for … Read more