How many different types of drinking tickets are there in the state of Texas?

 Have you ever received any drinking related tickets? Chances are, that if you haven’t, you might know someone that has.
There are countless laws related to alcohol. Some of them like a DUI for instance,  you are probably already aware of but some others you might be unfamiliar with. Here is a list of some of the top violations and a quick explanation.
  • DUI 
    • This, as we all know, is a big one. Driving under the influence of alcohol, closely related (just as bad) but different from our next one.
  • DWI 
    •  Driving while impaired. Firstly, a DWI differs slight from a DUI because it includes the use of drugs and alcohol.  Always remember to designate a driver.
  • MIC
    • This is a Minor in Consumption. In the state of Texas a minor CAN drink while in the accompaniment of a parent but only while that parent is present otherwise you will receive one of these guys.
  • MIP
    • Minor in Possession. This includes someone under the age of 21 with possession of alcohol.
  • PI
    • Public intoxication or to sum it up, the result of drinking too much and  doing something stupid. This one is pretty self explanatory and is a reminder to always know your limnotesit.
  • Open Container
    • Alcohol must be stored either in the trunk or in the absence of a trunk, somewhere the driver and passengers do not have direct access.
   Did you know about all the different ways to get drinking related tickets? If not, we certainly hope you were taking some notes. However, there are many more ways to get in trouble with the law and alcohol but these just cover the most common. Check back in next Monday as we do a more in depth look at each of the above laws.  In conclusion, always remember to know your laws and know your limit, stay safe and stay smart.