A Quick Guide to Becoming a Bartender in Texas

Embarking on a bartending career in Texas is a thrilling prospect, but before you can start shaking and stirring, there’s a crucial step you need to nail down, getting TABC certified. The Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission has made it a legal requirement to pass their test before you can be serving.

Texas Requirements

Texas Requirements Ensure you meet the basic criteria: be at least 18 years old, legally eligible to work in the United States, and hold a valid Texas ID.

Next you will need to enroll in a TABC-Certified Course To serve alcohol in Texas, completing a TABC-approved course is a must. The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission ensures these courses cover essential topics like state alcohol laws, responsible alcohol service, and identifying fake IDs.

Now, the key is finding a convenient and efficient way to complete this mandatory TABC certification.

The Easiest way to get TABC Certified

Want to opt for online convenience? Comedy TABC offers an online course that’s not only TABC-certified but also injects a bit of humor into the learning process. This course covers the necessary material while keeping you engaged and entertained. No boring reading. This is an all video course written by real comedians for your entertainment. Embrace the ease of online learning and complete your certification on your own schedule. Bar TABC certifiedTaking a course online means you can go at your own place from the comfort of your home computer, tablet or cell phone.

Once you have completed the course you can instantly download and print your certification. This official document showcases your compliance with Texas alcohol laws, a vital credential for any aspiring bartender in the Lone Star State.

Becoming a bartender in Texas is a straightforward process. Ensure you meet the state’s requirements, enroll in a TABC-certified course, and make the process even more enjoyable with Comedy TABC’s online option. Get certified instantly and start your exciting journey into the world of bartending with confidence!

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