Strange Texas Laws; From the Quirky to the Quintessential

Texas, known for its vast landscapes, cowboy culture, and independent spirit. It also might be known for a handful of peculiar laws that often leave both residents and visitors scratching their heads. While some may seem antiquated or downright bizarre, these laws are still in practice today. This just adds to the unique charm of the Lone Star State. Join us as we uncover some of Texas’ most strange and not widely known laws.

Don’t Mess with the Bluebonnets:

In Texas, the bluebonnet reigns supreme as the state flower, cherished for its vibrant blooms that blanket fields and highways each spring. However, Texans must tread lightly when it comes to these iconic flowers. The bluebonnet is illegal to pick, crush, or otherwise damage along public roads and highways. So, while they make for picturesque photo opportunities, remember to admire bluebonnets from a respectful distance.

No Eye-Poking in El Paso:

El Paso residents, take note: it is against the law to engage in any form of eye-poking or eye-gouging on city streets. While the origins of this peculiar law remain unclear, one can only assume it was enacted to prevent unnecessary eye-related injuries. So, keep those fingers to yourself while strolling through the streets of El Paso.

Two for the Price of One in Lufkin:

Bargain hunters in Lufkin may rejoice, for it is perfectly legal to walk down the street with two scoops of ice cream in a single cone. However, this law comes with a catch: stacking three scoops or more on a single cone is strictly prohibited. Don’t you dare go for that third scoop! If you find yourself craving a sweet treat in Lufkin, remember to stick to the two-scoop rule.

No Unusual Animal Rides in Galveston:

While horseback riding may be a common pastime in many parts of Texas, Galveston has taken a firm stance against unconventional modes of transportation. It is illegal to ride a horse, mule, or other unusual animal down city\ streets. This ensures that only the most traditional forms of transportation are allowed within city limits.

No Cursing in Front of a Corpse:

In Texas, it’s illegal to use profanity in the presence of a corpse. While the origins of this law are unclear, it serves as a reminder to maintain decorum and respect in solemn situations, even if the deceased can’t hear you.

No Ear-Slapping:

Ever had the urge to slap someone’s ears to get their attention? Well, in Texas, you might want to think twice. It’s illegal to slap someone on the ears as a form of communication or annoyance. This law may seem odd, but it underscores the state’s commitment to preventing unnecessary harm.

The quintessential law we all know:

While these laws may elicit chuckles or raised eyebrows, they’re a reminder of the unique quirks and idiosyncrasies that make Texas one of a kind. Now, let’s turn our attention to a law that’s widely known and Texas TABCuniversally enforced:

Age Requirement for Drinking: One of the most well-known laws across the United States, including Texas, is the legal drinking age requirement. To purchase or consume alcoholic beverages, individuals must be at least 21 years old. This law aims to promote responsible drinking and protect the health and safety of young adults.

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Texas is not only known for its hospitality and larger-than-life spirit but also for its assortment of peculiar laws that continue to spark curiosity and amusement. While some may seem odd or antiquated, they reflect the state’s commitment to maintaining order, protecting its residents, and preserving its unique character. So, the next time you’re in the Lone Star State, keep an eye out for these quirky regulations!

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