How many drinks is too many?

How many drinks is too many, is a loaded question. We have all been there before (at least everyone here at Comedy TABC has), where we have had way too much to drink. We’ve also had nights where we, arguably, did not have enough to drink. So on a friday night after a long week of work what is the appropriate amount of alcohol?

This question is purely based on you! We can help you set some guidelines though! First thing to know is how much of each type of alcohol technically equals one drink. Below is a handy guide for beer, wine and liquor:

  • beer = 12 fl oz (on average 5 percent alcohol by volume).
  • malt liquor = 8 to 9 fl oz  (on average 7 percent alcohol by volume).
  • wine = 5 fl oz  (on average 12 percent alcohol by volume).
  • liquor or spirit = 1.5 fl oz (on average 40 percent alcohol by volume).

Alcohol consumption varies based on each individuals own tolerance. Take me for example. I am a female of average height and weight who does not drink that ofter. On a normal night out, I can have around 2 glasses of wine (10 oz )before I begin to feel intoxicated. But just because thats how many drinks I can handle, does not mean it is the same number for the next person. A male, who drinks more regularly and is larger in size will have a better tolerance.

It is important to note  that we do not suggest  drinking on empty stomach! Consuming alcohol on an empty to stomach can lead to increases feelings of intoxication, even if you are drinking your normal amount. Make sure you have a the very least a quick bite before consuming any alcoholic beverages. 

  Always stay safe out there and drink just the right amount this week friends! From your favorite TABC course.