BAC Blood Alcohol Concentration

When was the last time you talked about your BAC or Blood Alcohol Concentration? Most likely when you are out with friends or even at home have a glass of wine, the last thing you are thinking about is your blood alcohol concentration level or BAC for short. It isn’t the most commonly talked about … Read more

New Years Resolution

So what is your New Years Resolution?   We know, a lot of people think having a New Years Resolution can be cheesy or pointless but, not here at! We asked around with friends, family and strangers to see what everyone wanted to achieve for 2020. Some had new business plans and some others … Read more

Almost time to celebrate! New Years Eve

New Years Eve is almost upon us! One more day until New Years Eve. A night where most people celebrate by dressing up and consuming over priced alcohol. We personally love a good New Years Eve party, it lets us end the year with a bang. But, a lot  of service industry people have mixed … Read more

How many drinks is too many?

How many drinks is too many, is a loaded question. We have all been there before (at least everyone here at Comedy TABC has), where we have had way too much to drink. We’ve also had nights where we, arguably, did not have enough to drink. So on a friday night after a long week … Read more