Holiday Drinks !!! Breaking down your favorites

Holiday Drinks! Breaking down all the ingredients and alcohol in your favorite drinks for the season.

We love a good cocktail during Christmas time! Who doesn’t? But what are the most popular and just how much alcohol do they have in them?? We did some research to see what the holiday favorites are and which ones have the most alcohol. According to the following are some of the 10 most popular holiday drinks:

  • Hot Toddy: hot tea, a little lemon, and honey along with your choice of brandy, rum, or whiskey
  • Mulled Wine: A bottle of red wine, a hint of brandy, and some holiday spices
  • Irish Coffee: coffee, cream, rum or brandy
  • Eggnog: egg, cream, bourbon, spices
  • Wassail: brandy or rum with aromatic spices
  • Hot Buttered Rum: spice, and butter smooth with a rum base
  • Tom and Jerry: brandy or rum with warm milk and spice
  • Glogg: spiced rum or brandy with red wine, a touch of vodka, and a whole host of seasonal spices
  • English Christmas Punch: dark rum and red wine along with tea and citrus
  • Poinsettia: orange liqueur, cranberry juice, and Champagne

So which of these holiday favorites comes with the most alcohol??

Topping the list for most alcohol is these two mixed drinks; English Christmas Punch and the Glogg. Granted, the alcohol content varies based on your bartender but the ingredients for both of these include mixing alcohol with a different type of alcohol. While this makes for a delicious holiday drink it can also make for a dangerous night.

On the other hand, not all of these drinks are made to be as strong. The Poinsettia is champagne and cranberry juice, making this alcohol beverage on the lighter side. Along with the Irish Coffee, Eggnog and a Hot Toddy; the mixture of alcohol with a non alcoholic beverage makes these on the less alcoholic side.  Even so, none of these should be treated like a non alcoholic drink. Remember tasty drinks can get you in trouble!!

Safe drinking and Happy holiday! Comedy TABC

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