Almost time to celebrate! New Years Eve

New Years Eve is almost upon us!

One more day until New Years Eve. A night where most people celebrate by dressing up and consuming over priced alcohol. We personally love a good New Years Eve party, it lets us end the year with a bang. But, a lot  of service industry people have mixed feelings. This can be one of the most profitable nights of the year but it can also be the most dangerous.

Staying safe in the service industry

Being in the service industry has some serious responsibilities but, if you have taken your TABC course at you already know this. It is part of your responsibility to make sure people are not over  served. This can be extra tricky on a holiday like New Years when people tend to celebrate a little bit more than usual. Keep an extra eye out and don’t be afraid to cut people off! It is your job and life on the line if something happens to them and you (their server) are found responsible.

Another  quick tip is to always try to make sure no one is driving home drunk. Quickly go over to your tables or bar and ask if everyone has a safe ride. If not download Lyft or Uber on to their phones. Trust us they will thank you for it in the morning. New Years is one of the most  dangerous times to drive and cops will be frequently checking drivers.

Celebrate and make some $$$

The best part about being in the service industry during the holidays? The cash at the end! Yes, you will probably have to deal with that annoying drunk guy who wants to fight everyone but it will be worth it in the end. People are not only more likely to spend more on alcohol, they are also more likely to tip higher. Combined, this makes for  a great night that is worth putting up with the crowds for.


With all this being said we wish you the best of your New Years! Whether you are drinking or serving, stay safe and remember your Comedy TABC training.