New Years Resolution

So what is your New Years Resolution?

  We know, a lot of people think having a New Years Resolution can be cheesy or pointless but, not here at! We asked around with friends, family and strangers to see what everyone wanted to achieve for 2020. Some had new business plans and some others included a gym membership. But, by far the most common resolution we stumbled upon was having a dry January, and by dry we mean 0 alcoholic beverages.

Who keeps these?

Sure, resolutions sound great in theory but how many people keep them? The answer is, not many. According to a recent psychology experiment, 80% of new years resolutions fail. Not only do they fail, the fail within the first month! We want to believe all of our friends who are participating in dry January will make it the whole month but we won’t hold our breath  or be placing bets anytime soon. Since this seemed to be such a common resolution amongst people, we went ahead and did some research. We wanted to see how big of a dip alcohol sales took in the month of January when compared to other “non-holiday” months.

How are alcohol sales after the holidays?

We looked at sales throughout the year and surprisingly enough, people did not stop drinking after the holidays. The month of January according to, actually has a fairly equal amount of alcohol sold at bars, restaurants and establishments as any other month. Wine sales declined but the sales were made up by an increase beer sales. Good news for all of you that work at bars and spent all your money on Christmas presents, your still have great sales! Bad news for all of our friends and family that clearly can’t keep their no drinking resolutions for the month of January.


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