Is cannabis the new alcohol ??

With its popularity rising, we have to ask, is cannabis the new alcohol? By now we are sure you know all about marijuana, mary jane, ganja and/or any other name the green stuff goes by. Weed has become legal in several states (not Texas in case you were wondering). So what states can you legally smoke weed? We checked out this handy map because laws are changing so rapidly, we can’t keep up!

Recently, California opened up its first cannabis cafe. Yes, you read that correctly. Unfortunately, no one from our office has visited just yet so we can’t give you the full yelp review. We can however, give you the run down on this new concept. This cafe serves food that has been infused with marijuana in the ingredients. Especially in places like California, smoking a joint or having weed infused food is becoming more and more normal. With the opening of this cafe, where do other restaurants, cafes and bars go in the future? We have to wonder if having some form of cannabis with food will become more likely. Much like having a glass of wine with dinner.

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We know some people may already be doing this with their meals. Some people strongly oppose it. Some people just stopped reading and googled that cafe. But if we have learned anything from Colorado, we know that either way a lot of tourist will try it. So, how long till more bars and restaurants start including this in their menu? Will we eventually be offering an online course covering alcohol and beverage services AND cannabis consumption? We aren’t fortune tellers but its not the craziest idea.

For the sake of conversation, lets say cannabis is the new alcohol and you are a server. Before you go to serve a joint at your local neighborhood Applebee’s, always know that no amount of weed is legal to drive with! Make sure your customers have a safe ride and know how to handle themselves responsibly. We are sure the servers that currently handle marijuana are well trained in knowing the same important steps that this TABC course teaches you like “How much is too much?” and “When to cut someone off.” Responsibility from both parties is key! Everyone is there to have a good time.

Remember, much like alcohol, safety always comes first!! Until next week.