TABC – Texas Alcohol and beverage Commission

We are sure you have heard of TABC

 - Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission but do you really know what it means? How about when it started? Lets take a deep dive into what TABC really is and what it means for us today.

Firstly, TABC stands for the Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission. It started orginally in November of 1935. Shortly after, the 18th amendment was repelled. For those of us that don’t remember what the 18th amendment was, it was the dreaded Prohibition Era. The brief era in   American history that alcohol was made illegal. Once the 18th amendment was repelled the 21st was instated. Because most of us aren’t history buffs let us quickly explain. The 21st amendment not only repealed prohibition, it delegated the responsibility of the regulation of alcohol to the individual states. Therefor, the state of Texas developed its very own TABC requirements.

TABC isn’t just something your bar or restaurant is making you do! It does have an important mission. The most important being, to keep people who consume alcohol safe. To be more exact, here is a list of the agencies current mission:


  • protect the public safety by deterring and detecting violations of this code.
  • promote legal and responsible alcohol consumption.
  • ensure fair competition within the alcoholic beverage industry.
  • consistent, predictable, and timely enforcement of this code
  • ensure a consistent, predictable, and timely licensing and permitting process
  • promote and foster voluntary compliance with this code
  • communicate the requirements of this code clearly and consistently


Notice a theme?

TABC’s main goal is to make alcohol consumptions safe and fare for everyone. Not only to the consumer, but distributors as well. We go over this in depth in our course. We  promise, there isn’t too much history!  Here at we try to make learning fun. Our course is 100% videos made by real comedians.