Why Texas bars and restaurants get their liquor license taken away

Being granted and keeping a liquor license can be a make or break deal for bars and restaurants. So why does it seem like lately so many establishments have lost their right to serve alcohol? To clarify, the Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission (TABC) controls all laws in the state in regards to alcohol. If the TABC sees a restaurant violating any of their alcohol laws, they will certainly lose the right to serve. We go over the top 6 reasons why bars and restaurants lose their liquor license.

1. Serving to underage patrons Comedy TABC

This is a big one! The TABC does not mess around when it comes to serving people under the age of 21. Even if the person(s) has a fake I.D. The fault lies with the establishment. This is why it is extremely important to make sure all staff is properly trained on how to spot a fake.

Also, it is required that everyone working at an establishment where alcohol is served take an alcohol and beverage course, such as ComedyTABC. All courses must be state approved and cover a variety of topics. One being “How to spot a fake I.D.” This course goes over tips on what to look for. In other works, it makes spotting a fake an easier task.

2. Forgetting to renew liquor license

Businesses are required to renew liquor licenses every 2 years. The current renewal fee is $2,650.  If the license is not renewed within 30 days of expiration as a result, the business must apply for a new license. If you have done this before, you know applying is not easy. In addition to the application, a fee of $5,300 is due. Establishments who do not renew their license will be shut down and subject to fines.

3. Over serving intoxicated patrons

Over serving is a huge problem in the alcohol industry. Many may not be aware, this issue too falls on the establishment. Bars and restaurants can be held liable for over serving. All waiters, bouncers, managers, bartenders etc. need to be made aware of intoxicated bartender tabc certifiedcostumers. Quickly let them know that you have the right to refuse service to anyone you choose.

4. Selling alcohol at illegal hours

Texas is extremely strict about what times alcohol may be sold. Recently, new laws have been passed to make the hours of sale a little more lax. Check our blog here for the updated new laws. However, all establishments must make sure no alcohol is sold past 2:00 a.m. This is a state wide law that consequently is broken all the time. In response, once an establishment has too many violations, their liquor licenses is revoked.

5. Illegal purchases of alcohol

Bars and restaurants must purchase alcohol for legal distributors verified by the state. Texas has a three-tier system made up of retailers, distributors and manufacturers. In other words, you re only allowed to purchase alcohol from distributors as a retailer. You are not allowed to purchase directly from a manufacturer, or from another retailer. In short, if you work a bar and run our of liquor, you may not run to the grocery store to purchase liquor to sell. This is a big no-no! Bar TABC certified

6. Not having your staff properly trained

Texas requires all staff be properly trained by taking a short course approved by the official TABC. Certification last for 2 years before renewal. Training staff properly helps ensure no laws are broken and everyone is protected! To sum up, you can compete your alcohol and beverage course here and get instantly certified online today!