The benefits of taking an alcohol and beverage course

Curious as to what the benefits of taking an alcohol and beverage course is? We can help explain. Not only is a course required in some states but it has been proven to reduce alcohol related incidents. You might wonder why the servers/bartenders/managers etc make a difference on others actions regarding alcohol. In fact, shouldn’t this make no difference at all? In a perfect world, yes. But in reality the people in the service industry can make a huge Comedy TABCdifference.

A properly trained staff can save everyone

When working in the service industry, alcohol related incidents are inevitable. From a fancy country club to your local saloon, it happens to everyone. The best way to stop them is to take preventative measures. One of these being an alcohol and beverage course. A course will inform your staff of everything they need to look out for. For example:

  • how to check I.D’s
  • how to know if some has been over served
  • when and how to politely refuse service to someone
  • proper serving sizes
  • and so much more..

By making sure everyone in an establishment knows the rules and also knows that they are in the position of power, incidents are greatly decreased. So much so, that some states actually require an alcohol and beverage course. Texas is one! Legally all people working in the alcohol industry must complete a TABC course before being hired.

Comedy TABCDram shop laws- how they can royally screw you over if you are not properly trained

Dram shop laws are one of the biggest reasons for why people in the alcohol and beverage industry need to be properly trained! According to Texas Justice

“dram shop laws are in place to enable individuals to sue establishments that overserve people who later commit crimes essentially making the dram shop responsible for the actions of its patrons while under the influence. There are only eight states that have no such laws: Delaware, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Nebraska, Nevada, South Dakota, and Virginia.”

Over serving is a big problem. Anyone serving alcohol should constantly be reminded that they are the one in control of this situation. If it seems like someone as had to much, CUT THEM OFF. You do not need to give them any explanation. Know your rights while serving. Get properly trained on what the appropriate actions are to take in order reduce your risk of being sued.

Where to go to get an alcohol and beverage course

Now that you are aware of the importance of being certified, we can talk about where to go to get your Comedy TABCcertificate. Most TABC courses can be taken online at your own convenience. Have a large group that needs to be certified? We do corporate discounts for that. Comedy TABC focuses on using comedy for the best knowledge retention. We’ve done the research and it has been proven people remember information better when it is tied to an emotion. What better emotion to use than laughter?

We use real comedians to teach our course to make sure everyone remembers how to stay safe on the job. No boring monotone guys spitting out information at you. Our course is all videos and written SNL style so you will actually want to pay attention. Signing up is easy, just click here. Once the course is completed, you will need to complete a state mandated test and then that’s it! Your certificate will be delivered to you instantly! Don’t wait, get certified today.

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