Dram shop law

Dram shop law, what is it and how does it effect those in the service industry? You may have heard the news that a bartender in the Galveston area is being held accountable for serving a patron who later killed 4 people in a drunk driving accident. You may be wondering, why is the bartender … Read more

High Intensity Drinking. The New Issue facing many households

Many of us probably don’t need statistics to know that alcohol consumption has dramatically increased since the Covid 19 pandemic. Even though most areas are no longer on lock down. Heavy drinking has continued. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) has identified this issue as high intensity drinking (HID). So what is … Read more

The benefits of taking an alcohol and beverage course

Curious as to what the benefits of taking an alcohol and beverage course is? We can help explain. Not only is a course required in some states but it has been proven to reduce alcohol related incidents. You might wonder why the servers/bartenders/managers etc make a difference on others actions regarding alcohol. In fact, shouldn’t … Read more

Corporate Bar & Restaurant Certification For The Texas Food And Beverage Industry

Texas is a vibrant state full of spice, flavor and fun. Some of the most iconic bars and restaurants reside in Texas. From barbecues to Tex-Mex cuisine, there’s always something new to try out.  As a restaurant or bar owner, in addition to providing good food and exceptional service, certification for your staff is essential.  … Read more

New alcohol laws in Texas

New alcohol laws in in Texas might excite quite a few people. Including to-go alcohol becoming a permanent law and time change restrictions for buying alcohol. We discuss what this entails and some of the other new laws taking place. Alcohol to-go is now permanent If you haven’t not already been made aware, Texas made … Read more

Finding The Right TABC Certification Course

Finding The Right TABC Certification Course For Your Business & Corporation Finding the right Texas Bartending Certification involves some searching. While there may be many tempting offers, it’s not always easy finding the right match. We’re here to show you just why we at Comedy TABC, are the perfect match for you. Our standout course combines humor … Read more

Don’t Over-Serve In Texas – Just Bad Business

The great state of Texas is doing its best to keep its alcohol-related business open since the pandemic with alcohol to-go legislation and a resilient community that is championing the cause of free enterprise.    Lawsuits for restaurants and bars still remain an imminent threat. It remains more necessary than ever to protect your business … Read more